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  • Title: The Gorgeous Hussy
  • Release year: 1936
  • Movie genres: Drama; History
  • Director: Clarence Brown
  • Actors: Joan Crawford, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Franchot Tone, Melvyn Douglas, James Stewart, Alison Skipworth, Beulah Bondi, Louis Calhern, Melville Cooper, Clarence Brown
  • Movie length: 103 min.

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I liked this movie from start to end. This film is a very nice movie, filled with some good action.

This attractive film belongs to Drama style, made in 1936.

You would definitely get pleasureget pleasure with The Gorgeous Hussy after spending time with it. The film in Drama category looks nice cool and it is probably one of the best actions of 1936. Acting very famous actors like: James Stewart, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas and acting of theirs is very nice and so exciting. James Stewart in one of main roles looks amazing too. Duration of the film is: 103 minutes and we are almost absolutely sure that you should just follow our advice and start getting pleasure with it right now.

The film has mainly all the makings of the best picture. It has an unusual ambience, a different crisp story, a lot of action, and a beautiful actor. In spite of the lack of either the script writers or creator to create good characters, the story, action and drama were enough to move the film to where it would be satisfying.

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There are so many fascinating films in Drama genre that were released in 1936 but we think that The Gorgeous Hussy is the best of them! Now you should just check up all things that take place and wait for you to be examined here and there are absolutely no hesitations that you would not stay indifferent or some other things like that. Length of The Gorgeous Hussy is 103 m. Such famous actors like Melville Cooper, Alison Skipworth, Robert Taylor, Melvyn Douglas are acting here and their acting is nice. The director certainly made right choice with Melville Cooper that is the actor of the main role of the movie and makes it looks unordinary and great. This film is a truly funny film with some good action. You would certainly fall in love with The Gorgeous Hussy if you like movies of this style. It is one of the most wonderful films in the Drama style and you would get multitude fantastic emotions during streaming. Melville Cooper, Alison Skipworth, Robert Taylor, Melvyn Douglas are acting so realistic here and a lot of moments of the movie are really fantastic. The Gorgeous Hussy is one of the most anticipated movies of 1936. Acting of Melville Cooper, Alison Skipworth, Robert Taylor, Melvyn Douglas makes this movie even more outstanding. Film length time: 103 m. Enjoy from watching The Gorgeous Hussy movie. The film to me wasn't like many of the Drama packed films that I watched. The film was strange because it more personal and let viewers get close and understand the main character. The film certainly is 100% twist and there wasn't a moment where I felt distracted or bored from the film. Yo! Still waiting? We know that you will love this film.